• Choice of location
    Only prestigious locations (old town zones, squares, high-density and movement streets)

  • Minimum location size
    50 sqm

  • Location assessment – feasibility study, project and relative budget
    Assessed according to the area (population density, high pedestrian and automobile passage with parking options and close proximity to well-established shopping centres).
    If you send us a floor plan, images and the location of the premises, we will be able to establish the feasibility of our format in just a few hours, completely free of charge.

  • Parlour set-up and timing
    After choosing a location the set-up will include: masonry work, flooring, painting, electrical and plumbing system, furniture, signs, window stickers and the construction of a small workshop / warehouse. The timing, from project approval to realisation can vary between 30/60 days

  • Lease and personnel costs
    The affiliate is responsible for all aspects regarding the management of the parlour.

  • Marketing and graphics
    Our in-house department is at the disposal of our affiliates for all such requirements.

  • Training (costs and timing)
    Training takes place directly at the franchise parlour with professional coaching for about a week. Assistance during the inauguration. Refresher courses are also organised over time. The affiliate is responsible for costs and out-of-pocket expenses which vary according to the learning times.

  • Start up / inauguration
    – Complimentary tasting products for the inauguration
    – Graphic support for the inauguration (flyers, posters, sails, totems, complimentary coupons etc.)
    – Professional coaching during the opening phase.

  • Multiple points of sale
    If the area is available, it is possible to franchise several points of sale in the same province which leads to a number of advantages and benefits.

  • Optional additional modules
    In addition to the basic format (ice cream, granitas, yoghurt, ice cream bars and pastries), there are also a number of optional additional modules (cafeteria, pizzeria, fine foods, fried foods and cocktail/wine bars) designed to integrate other food products and increase/guarantee sales 365 days a year

  • Product quotation
    – To purchase: to be negotiated
    – To sell: 300% markups

  • Payment for products
    Italy: payment upon unloading or up-front payment
    Abroad: up-front payment

  • Transport costs
    Variable depending on the country of interest and quantities. (Quotation upon request)

  • Minimum order
    To be agreed

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