100% natural Sicilian ice cream, with no colourings, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

  • Homemade Ice Cream

    Ice cream is one of Sicily’s most proudest traditions, recognised and imitated worldwide. Our ice cream is characterised by the use of 100% natural and fresh raw materials.
    Complete liquid mixtures for Sicilian ice cream and granitas already pasteurised by artisan processes, blended and frozen (-18°), then delivered in single flavour Bags in Box.

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  • Fresh Fruits Ice Cream

    The fruit used for our ice cream comes from all over Italy.
    The genuine flavours and aromas of the “Bel Paese” make the Siciliano ice cream a fine example of absolute superb tastes.

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  • Natural Ice Cream

    Our range of products is exclusive and of superior quality. SICILIANO is not simply a parlour but also a way of eating, because eating well is an important part of our lives. What the concept offers you is a range of natural and 100% Italian foods and products.

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  • Sicilian Granita Brand Identity

    Granita, Sicily’s most famous product worldwide, is presented in its traditional form in our format.
    Sicilian Granita has and fears no rivals. The secret is not only in its ingredients, in the lemons grown in earth in the South or in the typical Sicilian brioche, but also in the passion of the people who realise them.

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  • Brioches with Granita Web Shop

    The Sicilian brioches are perfect when served with either ice cream or granita. A typical breakfast in southern Italy, it is a tasty dish to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Make the Sicilian ice cream easily and fast

Thanks to our comprehensive liquid mixture for ice cream and pasteurized already Sicilian granita with artisan processes, homogenized and frozen (-18 °), delivered in Box Bags in one flavor, you can make ice cream easily and fast. Raw materials exclusively Italian, mostly Sicilian, only make our ice cream. You'll just need a batch freezer for authentic Sicilian ice cream.

Products made with this method are:
- 100% natural
- Without dyes
- Preservative free
- Without hydrogenated fats
- Already ready to use, without any addition
- The consistent quality, guaranteed worldwide.

Consistent product quality: wherever in the world our products are served, the chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics remain unchanged. 

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