The classic Sicilian pastries exclusively for our parlours.

  • Homemade Pastries

    Our strength is based on tradition, quality and the authenticity of our products,
    which are the result of countless tests and evaluations by our most experienced masters and tasters.
    They not only develop the most refined recipes, but they prepare them and taste them over and over again. In this way, we are sure we can offer you the best tasting products every single day.

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  • Sicilian Pastries

    Sicilian pastries come in a wide range of superior quality products such as the classic cassata, cannoli, the almond delight cake and much more. Born from the passion for Sicilian pastry traditions.

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Our Pastries

Cassatine. Available in "Mignon", "Single-Portion" and "Cake" sizes and in various typical traditional flavours (almond, lemon, pistachio, coffee etc.), our cassatine combine the traditional bright colours and delicate flavours with selected genuine ingredients, to make a truly irresistible pastry counter! 

Cannoli. Our flagship product, the best known and most copied throughout the world. The product that more than any other embodies the love for the classic recipes of traditional Sicilian pastries. Our large or mini cannoli embrace exquisite sweetened ricotta cream, classic or pistachio flavoured within its delicate and crumbly wafer. The decorations, such as chocolate chips, cherries or pistachio grain toppings, give the finishing touch to what we call a true masterpiece of taste. The wafers are supplied empty with the ricotta cream in convenient tubs, to provide freshly prepared cannoli to every customer. 

Almond Delight Cake. An almond cake available in "Single Portion” and "Cake” versions, for those who can not resist this truly unique flavour. Seven Veils Cake. In the "Mini", "Single Portion" and "Cake” versions. 

The Seven Veils Cake is a masterpiece of Palermo pastry making. This wonderful creation is called Seven Veils because it contains seven layers consisting of crunchy chocolate, hazelnut Bavarian cream, dark chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge, all covered in a succulent chocolate frosting. Composed of several layers, it requires many ingredients and long preparation times, a real jewel of Sicilian pastry.

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